Fixing Koss Porta Pro Headphones

I am a proud owner of Koss Porta Pro Headphones. I love them, but I don't always treat them right. So at one point I had to solder a new 3,5mm plug on to the cable. I am not experienced with that, i.e. soldering, and it also took some testing to find out which (part of) the cable belongs to which contact on the plug ...

And after that happened for the second time, I thought I should preserve my notes somewhere where I, but also other people, might find them. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comment on my (amateurish) work:

The Cable

Check out the Wikipedia page for TRS connectors ("tip, ring, sleeve", also known as stereo jack plugs) for details:


plug with cables, not soldered yet plug with cables, not soldered yet labeled conductors labeled conductors

Good luck fixing yours!

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